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Great Sun Pitaya Farm Sdn Bhd, one of the leading Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) manufacturer in Malaysia. Great Sun established company in 2007. The nature of the company is producing high quality red flesh pitaya fruits. For the public health, we are specialized on quality environmental pitaya fruits plantation using bio-organically technique that makes us free of pesticides and herbicides. Currently, we had owns 40.47 hectares (100 acres) of the pitaya plantation.

Due to our capability where we own every process from manufacturing to deliverable goods, we are able to provide the best quality product with the competitive price. We are currently producing Dragon Fruit Juice and distributing these super fruit's juice to everyone. We will continously expanding the information of the fruit with research and derive the benefits of this miraculous fruit. In no time, more sub-products will be marketed.

Great Sun Pitaya Farm Sdn Bhd had obtains several recognistions like
1) Skim Amalan Ladang Baik Malaysia (SALM)
2) Hazard Analysia Critical  Control Point (HACCP)
3) Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brands

As for the new comer for this business, we also act as a consultant. Investors that are interest on planting pitaya trees can always come to us. With our guidance, investors do not need to worry for a thing. As we own the entire planting process, investors will guide from land blending process till the harvesting process. We will introduce tools or fertilizer and investors can get everything they need without much effort.

For the unconfident investors, eventually able to contract us to do the planting process. We will hand out as soon as the tree status is stable. We do guarantee the tree do fruit if the technique used follows our requirement after hand over.

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