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For health, we are suggests to take fruits daily. Due to our busy life, we somehow miss out this important piece. Don't worry, Forliko Dragon Fruit juice is the solution.  Forliko Dragon Fruit Juice is the juice you need everyday. Dragon Fruit Juice is freshly blend in a wholesome form. Many commercial juices are filtered to remove fiber or pulp but Forliko remain it for its nutrition value. Just a turn of a cap, you will able to absorb the multi vitamins and nutrition of the dragon fruit without having to dirt your hands.

Benefit of Forliko Dragon Fruit Juice

  • Rich In Dietary Fiber;

  • Rich In Betalain;

  • Rich In Anti-oxidants;

  • Rich In Vitamins;

Containing lots of great nutritions like calcium, B and C vitamins, and other great minerals. Forliko Dragon Fruit Juice will bring great health and enjoyment to you.


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