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Introduction of Enzyme


Enzymes are the sparks that start the essential chemical reactions our bodies need to live. They are neccessary for digesting food, for stimulating the brain, for providing cellular energy, and for repairing all tissues, organs and cells.

There are three types of enzymes: metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes and food and enzymes. Food enzymes help us "predigest" foods by breaking down foods before our bodies' enzymes begin to do so. This process helps to improve digestion and nutrients absorption into out body.

Enzyme is vital to our overall health and studies have shown that the more enzymes we get, the longer and healthier we live. Improper diet, stress and aging can affect a person's capacity to digest food properly. Without complete digestion, nutrients from food are not fully absorbed. Enzymes have the power to change food compounds into more simple forms at an amazingly rapid rate. However, our enzyme level drops as we age and our body will lose its tenacity thereby weakened our immune and metabolic system.

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