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Forliko Fermented Dragon Fruit Juice is a healthy and nutritiuos enzyme drink that contains the benefit of antioxidant properties, minerals and vitamins, improves metabolic rate and strengthens immune system.

Produced by Great Sun Pitaya Farm Sdn Bhd, Forliko Fermented Dragon Fruit Juice is blended using the high grade red flesh Dragon Fruit that awarded
Skim Amalan Ladang Baik Malaysia (SALM) by Ministry Agriculture of Malaysia, Pure Honey, Wild Honey and Oligosaccharide. It is produced and tested extensively using fresh high grade Dragon Fruit to ensure the quality and health benefits of each bottle is properly controlled and maintained. The processes of the Fermented Juice are monitored with the standards Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). This will ensure consumers will get the best out of the Fermented Juice and it is safe to consume.

3 Choices Of Fermented Dragon Fruit :-

Organic Sugar + Oligo


Pure Honey + Oligo


Wild Honey + Oligo


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