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Good Farm Practice Scheme Malaysia (SALM)

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SALM is a certification scheme designed by the Department of Agriculture to recognize farms that practice environmentally friendly GAP and produce quality products, safe and suitable for consumption.

1.1 Certification Process

The process for certification of work involving the processing of applications, and the farm inspection, verification  of farm practices, farm analysis, evaluation and approval by the Committee and subsequently the registration and certification.

1.2 Implementation

Visits to farms will be conducted by officials appointed examiner based on information obtained on the farm and the practices followed and evaluated according to standards and guidelines have been established.

Three aspects will be evaluated for certification purposes, namely:

Suitability of the farm and the environment agricultural nights are held, and quality products

The information for this evaluation is obtained through examination of the land and surrounding farms, farm records kept by employers, interviews with employers and observation of practices, examination of specific areas, and making available farm products marketed for the purpose of analysis.

1.3 Farm and Environmental Compatibility

Assessment of the suitability of the farm and the environment taking into account the location, title, and historians of land use, land suitability and crop fields and the risk to the environment.

1.4 Good Agricultural Practices

Good agricultural practices and land management taking into account the substrate, the use of planting materials and inputs, fertilizer and pest management, lepastuai control, management and disposal of farm wastes, grading, packaging and perlebelan and welfare of workers and facilities.

1.5 Product Quality

The products produced from the fields to be of high quality and safe to eat and which has the shape, look and feel good and mengandunti pesticide residues and heavy metals below the permissible level.

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