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FORLIKO Fermented Dragon Fruit Juice (Wild Honey -Mildly Sweet)


Dragon Fruit, Oligo, Lemon, Wild Honey

Packing Size:
750ml/bottle (1.4 kg)


Additional Info:
Wild Honey = Forest Honey
Oligosaccharide (oligo) = Vegetable sugar
*Fermented mainly with Wild Honey and Oligo.
*Taste Mildly sweet
*Preferable by Elderly

Benefits of Forliko:
High Level of antioxidant, Vitamin C and other minerals and vitamins
Lower cholesterol level, high blood pressure, urine acid level
Strengthens immune system
Stabilize blood glucose
Boost metabolic rate
Help reduce cough and phlegm
Aid digestive system
Improves sleeping patterns
Alleviate tiredness

Packaging system:
Glass Bottle & Cork

Storage Condition:
Dry and cool, away from direct sunlight, Best keep in refrigerator

Direction of Use:
Consume 30-90ml twice daily
Best After Meal

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